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Reader Discussion: Quick Time Events: Love 'em? Hate 'em?

One of the most prominent features in modern video games is the quick time event. These are interactive cinematics that require precise timing to progress through. We at Game Informer want to know what you think about quick time events.

Moments: Tragedy At Ostagar

It’s not often that an event takes place within a game that catches a player completely by surprise and changes the entire paradigm of the rest of the experience. But this moment in Dragon Age: Origins did.

Hands On With Papo & Yo

Papo & Yo was one of the most distinctive games shown at this year’s E3. Its unique art style is what caught most people’s attention. But after going hands-on with it, it’s clear that this game is much, much more. 

This Week In Mobile 8/10/12

This week holds some unique titles for mobile gamers, from two expertly executed RTS games and a mole racing game, to a couple of remakes of classic games from the ‘80s.

This Week In Mobile 8/3/12

From a classic Neo Geo port to a massive update to Infinity Blade II, this week in mobile boasts some impressive titles.