This Week In Mobile 8/10/12

by Josh Straub on Aug 10, 2012 at 06:57 AM

This week holds some unique titles for mobile gamers, from two expertly executed RTS games and a mole-racing game, to a couple of remakes of classic games from the ‘80s.


Developer: Activision Publishing
Platform: iOS
Price: $0.99

Just in time for its 30th anniversary, Activision has rebooted Pitfall for the iOS. In classic Pitfall style, players will run through lush jungles and forgotten temples, collecting loot along the way. Players will use Pitfall Harry’s whip to take out classic enemies from the 1982 game, such as rattlesnakes and crocodiles. But the game is not simply redone—it’s updated with better graphics and an evolved free-running style system. It also features multiplayer leader boards and the ability to customize the main character by adding power-ups and changing clothes.

Tiny War XD
Developer: Noumena Innovations
Platform: iOS
Price: $0.99

To celebrate their recognition in iTunes’ New and Noteworthy section, the developers of Tiny War XD have cut its price. But that doesn’t mean this game has nothing to offer. This RTS game is done in a charming style, but still offers a complexity and depth aimed at more experienced gamers. In addition to building an army and using it to destroy enemies, there are also special 3D mini games and special units and weapons to unlock. Tiny War XD also features the ability to continue the simulation even while the player is offline.

Organ Trail: Director’s Cut
Developer: The Men Who Wear Many Hats
Platform: iOS and Android
Price: $2.99

Remember Oregon Trail? This is not it. The Men Who Wear Many Hats have released this game as an homage to the classic Apple 2 game. An homage with zombies. Everything about this game reflects the original, from the ten diseases the characters can contract to the pixelated graphics that come straight out of the 1980s. The only difference is that instead of a covered wagon the player is in a station wagon. And instead of outlaws and Indians, there are zombies. Lots and lots of zombies.

Super Mole Escape
Developer: Cartoon Network
Platform: iOS
Price: $0.99

In Super Mole Escape, play as a mole prisoner intent on busting out as you burrow underground, racing ahead of the warden. Pick up power-ups like hammers and other tools as you gain as much speed as possible. This app has single player as well as multiplayer, allowing the player to pick between several different mole heroes, and offers the challenge of randomized levels.

Kingdoms and Lords
Developer: Gameloft
Platform: iOS and Android
Price: Free

From the creators of The Dark Knight Rises mobile game comes this hybrid RTS-simulation. The game not only promises to test players’ strategy as they build their armies and attack their enemies, but it also provides an extensive economy system and other elements common to the simulation genre. Take over the world alone or with friends as the armies of good defeat the evil Dark King.

Trigger Fist
Developer: Lake Effect Applications
Platform: iOS
Price: $4.99

This third-person shooter for iOS promises to give players what they always wanted in a mobile shooter game: fluid controls, near console-quality graphics, and intense multiplayer. Face your friends in team death match or free-for-all, as well as other beloved FPS game modes. Offline, a sophisticated AI promises to keep players on their toes as they battle for supremacy in this critically acclaimed touch-based shooter.