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Over the course of 28 years, Game Informer has earned a strong reputation for being trustworthy and evolved its brand power beyond "the Final Word on Computer & Video Games" and into "the World's #1 Video Game Magazine".

Today, one in every forty people in the United States subscribes to Game Informer. With over 6.5 million paid monthly subscribers, the popularity of the magazine has grown to become the 5th largest consumer print publication in the United States and the largest digital publication in the world. Game Informer also publishes Game Informer Digital (the monthly digital publication for tablets, mobile and online browsers). Combined with, Game Informer closes the games information circle with on-the-minute news, videos, and podcasts. With the same veteran personalities, character and professionalism found in the magazine, is a premier destination for video game and entertainment enthusiasts, and is quickly emerging into the #1 online community destination within the industry.

In addition to its large subscriber base and growing online community, Game Informer’s influence and brand extends beyond its own media properties. News organizations throughout the world also tap into and publish Game Informer’s trusted and entertaining content. Game Informer’s branded reviews, previews and top 10 lists appear in newspapers throughout the country on a weekly basis and generate over 360 million annual impressions. Game Informer continues to shape the video game industry by expanding perspectives.

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