Issue 334 – Deathloop

Set on the chilly island of Blackreef, Deathloop is a story about a secret society that invents an eternal timeloop. There is just one catch: Most of the people caught in the cycle don’t have any memory of previous loops. Colt Vahn is the hapless hero who actually remembers everything that happens from one day to the next, and if he wants to escape this torment, he must assassinate the eight leaders of the program. Unfortunately, everyone on the island is also out to kill him.

For this month’s cover story, we take a deep dive into the creation of Deathloop. We spent several hours with the designers and artists working on the game and walked away with a better understanding of Deathloop’s gameplay hooks. Across 14 pages, we break down our exclusive demo in detail, highlight many of Colt’s phenomenal powers, and explain some of the many approaches that players can take through Deathloop’s open-ended environments. Read more...