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Hades II

Issue 366

This month, Hades II graces Game Informer's cover. After playing several hours of the Early Access build (which is publicaly available as of today), we traveled to Supergiant Games' studio in San Francisco to interview several of the core team members – creative director Greg Kasavin, studio director Amir Rao, art director Jen Zee, composer Darren Korb, and voice actor Logan Cunningham – to get the full story of the game's creation. The cover story reveals why Supergiant decided to create its first sequel, how it chose a new protagonist in Zagreus' sister, Melinoë, along with her mythological origins, and how the team is changing its approach to early access and the content it has planned for the future. It also features an in-depth breakdown of Hades II's new features and our impressions of the game so far. Read more...


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