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Game Informer's Review System

GI Must Play

GI Must Play

Game Informer has reviewed thousands of games over 30+ years of covering the gaming industry. Titles labeled "Must Play" are the cream of the crop – the best titles that have come across our writers' and editors' desks. Where you see this label, expect to discover games that are standout performers in their genre, providing entertainment and engagement beyond the norm.

What Our Scores Mean

  1. Outstanding.

    A truly elite title that is nearly perfect in every way. This score is given out rarely and indicates a game that cannot be missed.

  2. Superb.

    Just shy of gaming nirvana, this score is a high recommendation because the game reviewed is head-and-shoulders above its competition.

  3. Very Good.

    Innovative, but perhaps not the right choice for everyone. This score indicates that there are many good things to be had, but arguably so.

  4. Average.

    The game’s features may work, but are nothing that even casual players haven’t seen before. A decent game from beginning to end.

  5. Limited Appeal.

    Although there may be fans of games receiving this score, many will be left yearning for a more rewarding game experience.

  6. Flawed.

    It may be obvious that the game has lots of potential, but its most engaging features could be undeniably flawed or not integrated into the experience.

  7. Bad

    While some things work as planned, the majority of this title either malfunctions or it is so dull that the game falls short as a whole.

  8. Painful.

    If there is anything that’s redeeming in a game of this caliber, it’s buried beneath agonizing gameplay and uneven execution in its features or theme.

  9. Broken.

    Basically unplayable. This game is so insufficient in execution that any value would be derived in extremely small quantities, if at all.

  10. You know it’s not great here.

Legacy Reviews Breakdown


What new ideas the game brings to the table and how well old ideas are presented.


How good a game looks, taking into account any flaws such as bad collision or pop-up.


Does the game’s music and sound effects get you involved or do they make you resolve to always play with the volume down?


Basically, the controller to human interface. The less you think about the hunk of plastic in your hands, the better the playability.


Flat out, just how fun the game is to play. The most important factor in rating a game.

Replay Value

  • High – You’ll still be popping this game in five years from now.
  • Moderately High – Good for a long while, but the thrills won’t last forever.
  • Moderate – Good for a few months or a few times through.
  • Moderately Low – After finishing it, there’s not much reason to give it a second go.
  • Low – You’ll quit playing before you complete the game.