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Hades II

Latest Issue of Game Informer Cover

Supergiant Games is making its first sequel, and we visited the developer in California to find out why it wasn’t quite ready to escape Hell and move on. We played the game extensively, spoke with the team about bringing the follow-up to life, looked ahead to the game’s future, and lots more. If you’re playing Hades II in Early Access, consider our cover story the perfect companion piece. Check out our exclusive online coverage.

Also in this issue

  • The Future Of Dungeons & Dragons – We visited Wizards of the Coast to learn about why Dungeons & Dragons is experiencing a pop culture moment, and learn what is in store for the future.
  • Preservation Through Play – Digital Eclipse is doing something different by creating interactive museum pieces about the medium’s history. We spoke with the team about the how and, importantly, why of what it is doing.
  • The First Descendant – The South Korean video game scene is experiencing a small renaissance in 2024 and we visited the country to get our hands on its next big shooter, The First Descendant.
  • The Continuing Saga Of Final Fantasy XI – There exists a community that is keeping Square Enix’s first MMO, Final Fantasy XI, alive, and we spoke with its players about why the game was, and continues to be, special.
  • The Last Starfighter – For a long time, an arcade cabinet based on Star Wars Starfighter existed as basically only rumor, but we found one and played it.

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