This Week In Mobile 8/22/12

by Josh Straub on Aug 22, 2012 at 09:45 AM

This week in mobile, we've seen everything from in-depth simulation games to RPG that show what moible gaming should be.

Name: Horn
Developer: Phosphor Games
Platform: iOS

Horn is the latest mobile game from the folks behind Farmville. This action/RPG features near-console quality and controls that are based on an intuitive touch system. Players take on the roll of Horn, a blacksmith's apprentice, who wakes up one morning to find his village overrun by monsters. He must set out on a quest to save these monsters, who turn out to be more than they appear, with the assistance of a grudgingly helpful severed monster head.

Name: Tavern Quest
Developer: Glu
Price: Free
Platform: iOS, Android

In Tavern Quest, players play as a dragon. A dragon who doesn't want to pillage and plunder. A dragon who just wants to cook. Players will open and upgrade their kitchen and hire heroes to hunt monsters and bring back brand new ingredients for new residents, with the ultimate goal of defeating the evil monsters that laughed at the idea of a dragon cook.

Name: Towers of Babble
Developer: NT7
Price: Free
Platform: iOS

Some of the developers behind Call of Duty: Black Ops have set out to revolutionize the word game genre, with Towers of Babble. Instead of playing on a two dimensional board, players have the opportunity to lay tiles on top of each other, building upwards, which adds a whole new dimension to the classic crossword-style board game.

Name: Greedy Spiders 2
Developer: Blyts
Price: $0.99
Platform: Android

Greedy Spiders 2 is a sequel to the popular Android game in which players help a world full of bugs stave off the evil spiders as they try to dine upon their neighbors. This puzzle game will have you cutting and incinerating spider webs all day (and half the night) with more bugs, more challenges, and more puzzles for you to download.

Name: Townsmen
Developer: HandyGames
Price: Free
Platform: Android

Townsmen is a complex medieval simulation that allows you to take a village from backwater to medieval stronghold in the palm of your hand. The game features an in-depth economy and characters with unique routines and habits that will change as you take your settlement from village to metropolis.

Name: Jack Lumber
Developer: Sega
Price: $1.99
Platform: iOS

Sega has released this new mobile game, which plays similarly to the wildly popular Fruit Ninja. Slice though hordes of angry trees and make granny proud as you play as the hulking Jack Lumber in this humor-driven touch-based game.