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Alex Stadnik

Video Editor

Video games have been a part of Alex’s life since the first grade and have always been more than a hobby. Whether it was beating God of War 3 in one all-night sitting or using a clip-on book light to sneak in a few extra hours on his Game Boy Color, Alex can always be found with a controller in his hands. While games are one of his passions, he also loves writing and creating content. Before Game Informer, he was writing about games for smaller gaming sites while also editing video and creating social media content for an agriculture advertising agency in the Twin Cities.


Replay — Portal 2

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Video Review

Doom Eternal — Video Review

Doom Eternal roars onto the scene with some of the best FPS-action out there. Join us for our first video review as we visually explain why id Software's newest shooter is a must for fans of the genre.