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The Game Awards 2021 Predictions | GI Show

by Alex Stadnik on Dec 02, 2021 at 02:32 PM

The hot streak continues as we have another banger on this week's episode of The Game Informer Show! Join the crew as they take out their crystal balls and predict not only what games will win awards at The Game Awards, but what reveals we have in store for us as well. While the News and Playlist sections will return on another day, be sure to stick around for a heartfelt and hilarious listener questions section to wrap up the show!

Follow the crew on Twitter: Alex Stadnik (@Studnik76), Alex Van Aken (@itsVanAken), Marcus Stewart (@MarcusStewart7), Kimberley Wallace (@kstar1785), and Dan Tack (@dantack).

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Check out the timestamps below to jump to a particular point in the discussion:

00:00:00 - Introduction
00:02:48 - The Game Awards 2021 Primer
00:07:25 - Best Racing Game
00:09:44 - Best Sim/Strategy Game
00:12:55 - Best Family Game
00:16:57 - Best Fighting Game
00:19:39 - Most Anticipated Game
00:23:30 - Best RPG
00:27:12 - Best Action/Adventure Game
00:31:34 - Best Action Game
00:36:20 - Content Creator Of The Year
00:37:55 - Best AR/VR Game
00:40:11 - Best Debut Indie Game
00:43:28 - Best Community Support
00:47:01 - Best Mobile Game
00:49:29 - Best Indie Game
00:52:14 - Games For Impact Award
00:55:26 - Innovation in Accessibility Award
00:58:06 - Best Audio Design
01:00:36 - Best Score & Music
01:03:30 - Best Art Direction
01:06:21 - Best Ongoing Game
01:10:57 - Best Multiplayer
01:15:56 - Best Performance
01:20:34 - Best Narrative
01:23:06 - Best Game Direction
01:25:54 - Game Of The Year
01:36:33 - Game Announcement Predictions
01:50:54 - Housekeeping
01:53:24 - Listener Questions

Topic Of The Show:

The Game Awards 2021 Predictions

It's that wonderful time of year again, folks. Canada's favorite son Geoff Keighley graces the stage to host the annual Game Awards ceremony next week. This year, gaming's biggest award show is back to in-person (try to spot Brian Shea in the crowd) and promising a huge night. To get hyped for this year's show, we assembled an expert panel of futurists, including Dan, Kim, and Marcus, to go over our predictions and tell you exactly who's going to win the big awards. Not only that, we end the segment with our wild guesses on what spicy reveals the night will contain. Will there be a new Splinter Cell announced? Could we see updates from huge Microsoft titles such as Avowed or Fable? Is this the night In The Valley Of Gods makes its triumphant return? Only time will tell, but we hope you all can enjoy this fun podcast discussion in the meantime.

Learn more about The Game Awards 2021 here.

Listener Questions:

The Game Informer crew answers your burning questions.

Join us on another hilarious round of listener questions where the crew sits down to discuss their favorite seasonal video game memories and what the best jaw-dropping moments are!

Read their questions below, or submit your own via the Official Game Informer Community Discord or by emailing us at

Do you folks have video games tied together in your memories with specific parts of the year? For me, Mortal Kombat is forever tied with Christmas ever since I got MK2 for Genesis as a Xmas gift as a wee young Buel. Thanks! - Bob Buel (discord)
What is the most jaw-dropping moment you can remember while playing a game? For me, playing through Uncharted 2 for the first time was just that the entire way through from the very beginning with the train wreck. - One Mean Leafeon Machine (discord)


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