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Your Game Studies Reading List

The school year is almost upon us. To celebrate (or
commiserate) the start of another year of learning, we're featuring
eight game books and journals that are proven to make you smarter.

Hyrule Historia English Edition Announced

Zelda fans have long been clamoring for an English version of Hyrule Historia, Nintendo's official Legend of Zelda encyclopedia. Diamond Book Distributors just announced they will be bringing the title to the West on January 29, 2013.
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Be Like Snorlax With These Etsy Goods

If there's one Pokemon that knows eating and sleeping, it's Snorlax. To
live a good Snorlax life, try out one (or all) of these
Snorlax-themed Etsy goods.

Massive 2-Foot-Tall Ganondorf Figure Revealed

First 4 Figures has been teasing its new Ganondorf figure for some time.
Today, the company finally released the specs, price, and preorder
information for the behemoth collectible.
Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior 8/3/12

This weekend, we're becoming Keyblade masters, high-jumping plumbers,
and pro-football players. We'll also probably get around to doing our
laundry and other boring things.

Moments: A Link To The Past's Flute Boy

It's hard not to think of Zelda games when considering great moments in
gaming. The series, now over a quarter-century-old, is ripe with touching events
and characters.

12 Places You Can Study Video Games

As games continue to be economically profitable and an area of
interest for millions across the globe, the need for educational programs
in the area of game studies grows.

This Week In Mobile 7/26/12

This week, the Walking Dead, a surfing game by Final Fantasy's original
creator, and various games about big things hit mobile devices.