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Popular OC ReMix Artist Creates Okami Track

by Ali Rapp on Aug 01, 2012 at 11:10 AM

Halc, one of OverClocked ReMix's most popular and prolific artists, has remixed "Ushiwaka's Appearance" from the Okami soundtrack.

Ushiwaka, also known as just "Waka," is a mysterious character whose full identity is an end-of-game spoiler in the critically-acclaimed action-adventure title, Okami. Players must confront Waka several times throughout the game, and each time, they must endure his hilariously elementary French, arrogance, and veiled motives.

Halc, the remixer who created this Okami track, is one of OC ReMix's judges and most popular artists, having had over thirty of his remixes featured on the competitive website. He is skilled in several kinds of genres, but is perhaps most well known for his happy chiptune pieces. He intends to submit "Harushiden," which is the title he gave to his remix of "Ushiwaka's Appearance," for review by the OC ReMix judging panel sometime soon.

Click here to listen to "Harushiden," by halc.