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Adorable, Cheap Moogle Slippers, Kupo

by Ali Rapp on Aug 02, 2012 at 11:20 AM

Most of the Etsy gear we cover is for those with deep pockets or unbridled obsessions. These Moogle slippers are both adorable and affordable.

Handmade gear costs a considerable amount of money and, especially time, to craft, meaning the cost to the consumer is higher than what some people are used to at big-box stores. These Moogle slippers, however, are delightfully cheap at $10 a pop.

They look a bit like slipper-socks to me, but what's the difference, really? This pair is blue, but Etsy seller mikbug can make them in any color and in any size. Buy a pair and infuriate your friends by speaking only in kupos. Or don't.