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Leo Vader

Video Producer

As a kid, Leo wasn’t allowed to have a game console, but that only served to make his passion for video games stronger. He often tortured himself by reading issues of Game Informer full of awesome experiences he couldn’t have. Watching reruns of X-Play cemented this love of games coverage and he’d always fantasize about somehow turning it into a career. He spent his formative years taking baby steps in the direction of this dream: making Let’s Plays, writing game reviews for tiny blogs, producing a variety of strange content at Games Are Dumb And For Kids, and eventually securing the first and only video internship at Game Informer magazine. Now, with a full-time job at Game Informer, the dream is achieved, but he’ll still spend his free time DM’ing in Tabletop Simulator and enjoying the outdoors with his cat, Doctor.

video feature

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