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Watch The Full Archive Of Game Informer's 2018 Extra Life Stream

by Leo Vader on Nov 08, 2018 at 12:55 PM

Update: Our sincerest, and deepest thanks to everybody that tuned into the 25-hour stream and to those that donated generously to Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare and helped us raise over $78,000. The community rallying together for Extra Life every year is awe-inspiring, you're all the best. We're currently in the process of shipping out auction bundles for winners, feel free to reach out to Ben Hanson ( or @yozetty) if you have any concerns. You can watch the full insanity of the stream below, and we'd always appreciate any help time-stamping your favorite moments in the comments on YouTube!

And you can watch the grand finale of the stream below!

It's that time of year again! The entire Game Informer staff is coming together for a massive, 25-hour livestream of rare auctions, pie throwing, bug eating, and more. Click here to donate to Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare right now!


This year we're trying a few new things, including an action-packed D&D campaign and a dunk tank to torture editors! Also, you can get a sneak peek at some of the amazing gaming bundles we'll be auctioning off for charity in the (rough) video below! We'll be sharing the time for these auctions in a future update on this story.



Below is a rough outline of our schedule (in Central time) starting at 8am on Saturday morning. Let us know what you think of these options in the comments below!

Time Game
8:00 AM Pictionary
9:30 AM Jackbox Party Pack 5
11:00 AM The Sims
12:00 PM Local Multiplayer - Donor's Choice
1:00 PM Super Mario Party
2:00 PM PlayStation Classic Simulator
3:30 PM PlayStation Classic Simulator
4:00 PM Fallout 76
5:30 PM Blackout
7:00 PM Rocket League vs Leo
8:00 PM The Last of Us Multiplayer
9:00 PM Spin the Bottle (Bumpie's Party)
10:00 PM Super Smash Bros. Duel
11:00 PM Jackbox Party Pack
12:00 AM Jackbox Party Pack
1:00 AM The Quiet Man (with Soundboard)
1:00 AM The Quiet Man (with Soundboard)
2:00 AM YouTube Karaoke
3:00 AM Local Multiplayer - Donor's Choice
4:00 AM Kinect Nonsense
5:00 AM Driver: San Francisco Duel
6:00 AM YouTube Developer Showcase/T Rex Breakout
7:00 AM Pictionary
Get Involved

Get Involved

If you want to get involved and raise some money for Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare in St. Paul, Minnesota, you can click here to join Game Informer's Extra Life team or even start to donate early for a good cause. We need your support again this year, so get ready to bug all of your friends about our stream. Be sure to thank Game Informer's Extra Life team captain Zachary Pligge and champion Jack Gardner for their help every single year! 


Get a look at just a fraction of the amazing auctions we'll have going live throughout the stream below...


At 8pm Central, we're auctioning off this teaser poster for The Last of Us Part II signed by all of Naughty Dog.

At 11pm Central, you'll have your chance to win this incredibly rare Cyberpunk 2077 statue given out to select journalists at E3 2018. 

At 3pm Central, you can bid on this amazing bundle of games and a Scuf controller for PS4. This is one of only a handful of incredible game bundles. 

 Coming in at 11:30am, here a fun Mass Effect bundle that includes a copy of the trilogy signed by its creative director Casey Hudson!

If you loved God of War this year, don't miss this auction for a gigantic poster signed by the development team in Santa Monica that will be happening at 2pm Central.

The auction above is one of several different Pokemon bundles we'll be giving away to generous donors, the bundle above includes a Detective Pikachu Amiibo signed by the upcoming movie's stars Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton. It's happening at 11:30pm

With the first happening at noon Central, you can bid on amazing Game Informer bundles that include this mesmerizing poster! To see even more items available for donors, watch the video above to see what else we have to give away throughout the stream!