e3 2017

Super Mario Odyssey, Metroid: Samus Returns, And New Breath Of The Wild Amiibos On The Way

… a number of new amiibos at E3 this year, all of them pertaining to Nintendo's two biggest 2017 releases: Super …


StarCraft: Ghost Still In Development... Technically

… … Blizzard's Matthew Burger reveals some startling news pertaining to the decade-old announcement of StarCraft: …

gdc 2011

Iwata Speaks About Industry Concerns

… … Aside from revealing a slew of news this morning pertaining to Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS, Nintendo President …


What Is Bungie Working On?


Gears of War 3 Details Surface

… Gears of War 3 Details Surface … Details pertaining to Gears of War 3 – the game expected to be …


Activision Announces 7 Studio Layoffs