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CosBlog #90: Naked Snake By RBF Productions

Rick of RBF Productions proves that the devil is in the details when it comes to successful soldiers. Working with the limited color palettes and materials used by armed forces means accuracy is paramount to properly conveying Naked Snake.

CosBlog #88: She-Kratos By Lady Lemon Cosplay

Lady Lemon Cosplay opted for a female version of the demigod Kratos,
carefully contemplating how to make her mark on the design while
retaining his brutal spirit. The risk, particularly in embracing a wild
updo, paid off immensely.

CosBlog # 86: Diablo Monk Concept by Zerina

More often than not cosplayers have to choose between form and
function in their projects – sacrificing mobility for accuracy, or vice
versa. Zerina’s hard work and prototyping resulted in a fantastic
marriage of both.

CosBlog # 83: Issac Clarke by Kevin Leab Thong

I’m a big fan of intricate armor builds, and Kevin’s costume blew me
away when I spotted it at GamesCom this past year. Even more impressive
is that it marked his very first time cosplaying. I’d say you’re off to a
great start, Kevin.

CosBlog # 81: Skarlet by Kasea VP

NetherRealm’s fighters are some of the fiercest in the genre, making their shoes extra difficult to step into. That being said, Cosplay Kasea VP makes Skarlet’s ensemble look effortless through careful drafting and an eye for detail.

CosBlog #79: Miranda Lawson by Lindze

[Genuine enthusiasm] I’m fairly certain my jaw hit the floor when I first saw Lindze as Miranda Lawson. Tough brunettes hold a special place in my heart, and the brash and bada** Mass Effect bombshell is near the top of my favorites list.

CosBlog # 77: Lightning Farron by Eclair

Final Fantasy’s Lightning Farron returned looking much fiercer in
XIII-2. Cosplayer Eclair specializes in costumes of the pink-haired
protagonist, and captured her new armored look to perfection.

CosBlog # 76: Flemeth by Amazon Mandy

The devil is in the details when it comes to Dragon Age 2’s Flemeth,
making Amazon Mandy’s complex wig styling, ornate crown, and elaborate
bodice extremely impressive.

CosBlog # 75: Mad Alice by Odango

Cosplayer Odango tackled American McGee’s Alice for an annual convention
in Russia, taking the time to recreate one of the protagonists more
unusual weapons.