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CosBlog # 81: Skarlet by Kasea VP

by Meagan Marie on Oct 04, 2012 at 09:00 AM

NetherRealm’s fighters are some of the fiercest in the genre, making their shoes extra difficult to step into. That being said, Cosplay Kasea VP makes Skarlet’s ensemble look effortless through careful drafting and an eye for detail.

Who: The Character
This is Skarlet's main outfit from Mortal Kombat (2011). She is made by Shao Khan himself by putting together the blood of countless warriors and infusing them with sorcery. She gains strength from her opponents blood.

Why: The Decision
I chose this character because a bunch of my friends already had a huge Mortal Kombat cosplay group, they needed a Skarlet, and I really wanted to be a part of it! Plus, I had wanted to make Skarlet ever since she was announced as one of the new DLC's for MK9. Her story is really awesome and I must admit I love that she fights with her blood. I know that must sound disgusting to some people, but I think she's just a bad ass and a great addition to the MK family.

What: The Process
Well, I first started off by drafting all the patterns for the mask, loincloth, and top with paper and then put it on my mannequin and adjusting it as needed. Then I cut everything out in scarlet red silk, draped it on the mannequin just to double check and sewed everything together. The trim is black leather as well as the symbol on the front and back of the loincloth. The leg pieces such as the kunai holder and the thigh highs were also constructed out of leather. The boots were bought originally black and thigh length, so I cut them down to size and painted the boots to match the fabric perfectly, which was actually a lot harder than I thought.

I already had the wig from a previous cosplay, so I took two chunks of hair, one on each side and then sharpied them black since her hair is both black and red. The armor was constructed out of leather, craft foam and paper that looks just like sheet metal. The swords were purchased, painted black and then I added little metal accents to the handle and sheath. Surprisingly, I found a way to make origami kunai. I just used regular computer paper to make them and regular glue to keep them together, I then painted each one to give it that realistic, worn, and metallic feel.

Overall, it took me about a month to make and I'm so proud of it!:) It cost me about $120 in materials, to get the boots and to purchase the swords. And like I said before, I believe the hardest part of this cosplay was just trying to match up the paint on the boots perfectly with the red fabric. It took a lot of different shades and coats of paint to finally get the right mix, but I finally got it down.

Where and When: The Debut
I debuted this outfit at E3 2012. The photos you see were all taken at Anime Expo 2012 by various photographers. Most of these photos were taken in a hidden stairway, I'm really please with how they all came out and I feel each photographer brought their own special twist to each shoot. 

Links: The Cosplayer

The Gallery
Photography by Fremen Photography, Martin Wong, and SNTP Photography

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