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CosBlog #93: Mr. Freeze By Russell Pohl

by Meagan Marie on Aug 29, 2013 at 01:00 PM

Russell Pohl’s Mr. Freeze costume is a great exercise in getting creative with found objects while on a short deadline. Whipped up in three days just prior to New York Comic Con, Russell got most of what he needed from sports equipment and local craft stores.

Who: The Character
Mr.Freeze of the Batman series.

Why: The Decision
Ever since the famed Batman villain, Mr.Freeze, made his animated reboot debut in the 90's Batman cartoon I was hooked. Even as 90's child I couldn't help but feel a connection to Mr.Freeze's unfortunate love life and alienation towards the rest of the world. I sort of felt that way: weird, cloystered, and not able to simulate the right emotions and facial expressions for the right situation. Freeze is also a great cosplay because of all the time, dedication, and payoff it brings.

What: The Process
The costume took about 3 days and had everything to do with buying the right parts. The helmet is a garden cloche, typically for shielding plants. The 'freeze suit' was lacrosse shoulder pads, shin guards, knee pads, and arm guards, all painted silver. The chest and stomach guard was black sheet foam cut, glued, and painted. The blue chest core was a shiny blue string material from Micheal's. I used blue pool tubing to make the suit's wiring. The 'freeze ray' is a painted water gun and the belt is covered in silver tape. The 'oxygen tanks' in the back are 2 Gatorade bottles covered in silver tape.

Where and When: The Debut
I debuted this cosplay at New York Comic Con 2012. I plan on wearing it one more time for Halloween then retiring it. The helmet was hot and it fogged up very quickly, giving a cool condensation effect. It was a ton of fun taking photos with other Batman villains. Also catching a cab in NYC was quite the adventure in this getup.

Links: The Cosplayer
Deviant Art

The Gallery
Photography by Stephanie Hamberger, Jason Krieger, Lawrence Brenner, James Lawrence, Anime Network.

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