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CosBlog #88: She-Kratos By Lady Lemon Cosplay

by Meagan Marie on Jun 27, 2013 at 09:00 AM

Gender-bending an iconic character allows cosplayers creative freedoms not afforded when accuracy is the ultimate goal. In this case, Lady Lemon Cosplay opted for a female version of the demigod Kratos, carefully contemplating how to make her mark on the design while retaining his brutal spirit. The risk, particularly in embracing a wild updo, paid off immensely.

Who: The Character
This is Female Kratos. I like to call her "She-Kratos." It's my female version of Kratos from the game God of War: Ascension. How many times did I say Kratos in this paragraph?

Why: The Decision
I decided to make it for several reasons: first my boyfriend was playing nonstop. I wanted to play but instead I sat next to him and started making the outfit. It was so awesome, I couldn't just sit and wait! Second I like Kratos - I love badass characters! And third and most important, I considered it was a challenge for me as a character designer. I wanted to emphasize the aggressive look without taking away the "sexy" part, since Kratos is more-less good looking, and at least has an amazing body! The hairstyle was a hard decision. If I went completely bald, it was like making Kratos with breasts. If I had hair, it wasn’t badass enough. So the crimson came to me as an answer to this question! I originally planed to make it black, but I couldn't find my old party wig so I used this bordeaux one, the red added a feminine touch.

What: The Process
The process of this cosplay was really short. It took me between 3 to 5 days to put it all together, but I spent two weeks thinking about the design and gathering all the materials. For the wig I made a latex bald cap and glued the pieces of hair of an old party wig I had. It was very curly, I made it straight with an iron.

The chest is made of bra plates that I got in the fabric district. The skirt is made of synthetic leather, and all the rigid parts with eva foam.

The swords are replicas in eva foam of an original my boyfriend has at his house. The shoes were my old sandals from 2 or 3 seasons ago. I painted them to make them match, they look prettier now! I painted it all with acrylic painting, even the fabrics.

The makeup is a mixture of white theatrical makeup and some red cooking dye - the one you use for confectionery, because it's so vibrant! I did it myself. My mom was there, following my indications to paint the back of my head and shoulders. It was a real mess! In fact I'm a little dyslexic, so deciding which side I should put everything was another challenge... failed of course. It's painted in the "wrong side." I rather say it has a special meaning – since she's the opposite sex, she decided to use her make up on the opposite side of her body. That should do!

I'm not sure about the cost since almost all the materials were already at home, but if I had to buy everything from zero, I guess about $40.

Where and When: The Debut
I’ve worn this cosplay just once for an anime event. It was the end of the summer here in the south. The day was warm enough, the game came out in March so... Photographes Sans Frontieres had a photoset during this event called "animedreams", and the pictures were taken there. Some in the garden of the con as well.

Links: The Cosplayer
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Photographsy by Photographes Sans Frontieres

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