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CosBlog #79: Miranda Lawson by Lindze

by Meagan Marie on Sep 20, 2012 at 09:00 AM

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[Genuine enthusiasm] I’m fairly certain my jaw hit the floor when I first saw Lindze as Miranda Lawson. Tough brunettes hold a special place in my heart, and the brash and *** Mass Effect bombshell is near the top of my favorites list. [Legitimate awe] Lindze opted for custom-printed fabric to help manifest Miranda into reality, and that continued commitment and eye for detail is what makes her Cerberus cosplay one of the best in the galaxy.

Who: The Character
The character I'm cosplaying is Miranda Lawson. She is a Cerberus operative that was genetically designed to be the perfect woman in the game series, Mass Effect 2 & 3. She’s a strong woman who knows what she wants and generally gets it. I made her default costume.

Why: The Decision
A group of my friends wanted to do a Mass Effect group and suggested I do Miranda. I hadn't played the second game yet, so I played it all the way through and was completely hooked, so I agreed to do the costume. The series has so much depth and amazing story in addition to gorgeous character design and effects. I loved Miranda because she was assertive, strong woman, and I generally like those types of characters to cosplay.

What: The Process
It took around a month to make, with the main part of it being made in one grueling week initially. I used custom printed spandex fabric (FabricsOnDemand) for the hexagon print and lined it with a thick cotton to give it a more jacket weight, rather than being too thin. The black parts on the costume are a 4-way stretch vinyl. The boots were store bought, cut/altered to the right shape, and most of the pieces on the back detail were found/altered items from Home Depot.

I probably spent $300 or so on the costume, although I didn't keep track. The most difficult part of the costume by far was figuring out how to do the paneling in the jacket and figuring out the best way to have the jacket close. Its a lot of curved edges and is made out of a different fabric. It took about a week of studying it and thinking and getting help from my mother, who is an amazing seamstress, to figure out the pattern. With her help, I figured out a way to make it and have it turn out how I wanted.

Where and When: The Debut
I debuted the costume at Dragoncon 2011. It was very well received. I love this costume too because its actually comfortable and easy to wear at cons! My photos are from 2 different places. My indoor studio shots are by Allison Rose of Pixelette Studios, and she used a gray background with colored gels on lights to get a spaceship like vibe, in addition to a fog machine. I love the finished effect. I personally love studio shots, and she does an amazing job of them. The other photos are by LJInto and were taken at a hotel room at Momocon 2012. 

Links: The Cosplayer
My website is and you can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter

The Gallery
Photography by LJinto and Allison Rose/Pixelette Photo

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