e3 2010

Fat Princess Adds Fat Roles With New DLC

by Meagan Marie on Jun 15, 2010 at 02:25 PM

A slew of new titles will come to the PlayStation Network this year, and Fat Princess won’t be without a helping of new content. Coming to PSN “very soon,” Fat Princess fans will have access to the free 106 patch, which allows for local play with up to four friends and private group matches. In the same time window, the premium DLC pack “Fat Roles” will release. Fat Roles introduces three new character classes that can be chosen via a magical hat. When putting on the magical hat, players have the option to be a giant, a ninja, or a pirate.

Each class has its own special powers. The Ninja has a standard bladed attack and a shuriken power-up attack. His special ability allows him to turn invisible. The pirate uses a sword for a quick attack and a pistol for his powered up move. Calling in a barrage of cannon balls is his special attack. Lastly, the giant can swing and smash, with his special attack being a fit of rage that does significant area damage.

No price has been announced as of yet. We’ll update you when “very soon” comes to fruition.