PS5 Users Are Being Banned Due To PS Plus Collection Abuse

by Liana Ruppert on Nov 30, 2020 at 04:14 AM

PS Plus is a membership service that unlocks online play for PlayStation players while also awarding free games each month in addition to special sales on certain titles. The PS Plus Collection awards a total of 20 PS4 classics to PS5 PS Plus libraries, but it looks like some members are abusing that deal. With PS5 players now getting in on the free game action, a growing number of PS5 gamers are reportedly being banned due to a misuse of the service across generations.

With stellar titles like Batman Arkham Knight, God of War, Bloodborne, and more, the desire to utilize the PS Plus Collection is high. So many of these games set the tone for PS4's success, but it looks like more than a few accounts were using a loophole that awarded this collection to PS4 players and Sony immediately sought to rectify that. 

The PS Plus Collection is only meant for PS5 players, but some PS4 players have been using PS5 accounts with this particular library to download the free games onto their consoles. 

According to the above Twitter user, “Most of accounts will be unplayable for the next two months, including the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s holidays. Worse, some PS5 consoles get banned. Gamers call it SIE Thanksgiving Day Massacre. PlayStation HK has not responded to the issue at this time.”

PlayStation players have been taking to other forums, such as Reddit, to report their accounts being banned as well, but the good news is that the bans aren't widespread, instead they seem to be mainly occurring in Hong Kong. While we've seen a few reports of UK users also being banned, we've yet to be able to verify those bans ourselves. We've reached out to Sony for comment. 

As for what the ban affects, the reported amount of time for this exclusion is set for two months. During that period, network access and PS Plus perks will be completely unavailable. 

What do you think about the loophole found and the resulting bans? Weigh in with your PS Plus Collection thoughts in the comment section below. 

[Source: Twitter via DFTG)

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