The Sims 4 Loosens Gender Restrictions For Customization Options

… Restrictions For Customization Options … The Sims 4 is expanding its gender limits. Hairstyles, clothes, and other …


Paragon Expands Its Roster With New Hero Greystone, Arriving July 12

… July 12 … The MOBA from Epic Games has been progressively expanding its roster, with the newest addition being a …


The Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth Expansion Arrives October 30

… Expansion Arrives October 30 … Edmund McMillen is expanding the creepy roguelike with new bosses, enemies, and …


Assassin's Creed: Syndicate Introduces Its Industrial Villains In New Trailer

… In New Trailer … Jacob and Evie Frye run down the ever-expanding list of villainous Templars of 19th Century …

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The Future Of Halo's Universe: Video Interview With 343's Bonnie Ross

… With 343's Bonnie Ross … 334's founder discusses the ever-expanding Halo universe and how different media ties into the …


The Walking Dead Spreads To Two More Games

… To Two More Games … Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead is expanding to two different games – #IDARB and The Escapists – …


YouTube Launches 4k Streaming