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Afterwords: SSX

Creative director Todd Batty discusses the successes and criticisms of EA's recent SSX reboot.

Use EVE Online Currency To Buy Your Next Graphics Card

In case you needed any more evidence that we live in the future, here's
the latest crazy EVE Online development: CCP Games has announced that
you will soon be able to purchase a new NVIDIA graphics card using one
of EVE's forms of in-game currency.

Reiner And Phil Play Yakuza: Dead Souls

Sega's Yakuza franchise has been bringing serious Japanese crime drama
to a passionate fanbase for years. But what happens when you take the
Japanese gangsters starring in this series and introduce zombies?

Analyst: Grand Theft Auto V Not Likely This Year

With Grand Theft Auto V finally being officially announced via a teaser trailer late last year,
many fans were hopeful that Rockstar's latest open-world crime game
would make it out in 2012. One analyst is predicting that will not be
the case.