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Use EVE Online Currency To Buy Your Next Graphics Card

by Phil Kollar on Mar 26, 2012 at 04:25 PM

In case you needed any more evidence that we live in the future, here's the latest crazy EVE Online development: CCP Games has announced that you will soon be able to purchase a new NVIDIA graphics card using one of EVE's forms of in-game currency.

According to CCP, players will be able to use PLEX to purchase a high-end GeForce 560GTX graphics card. For those not in the know, PLEX is short for "Pilot License Extension." It's an in-game item that's normally used for extending a players' EVE Online subscription, but now players will be able to trade it for a real, physical graphics card.

PLEX is purchasable in-game via ISK (the regular currency), although CCP says the price of PLEX jumped significantly since the announcement of this deal this weekend. PLEX can also be purchased for real-world money, but at that point you might as well buy the card on your own, right?