Hideo Kojima Plans To Make Games "Until The Day I Die"

by Phil Kollar on Mar 20, 2012 at 04:35 PM

With the recent noise surrounding suggestions that Miyamoto could be retiring from his position at Nintendo, many gamers may be considering the fact that their most beloved designers won't be around forever. For his part, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima plans to be making games for as long as it's physically possible.

Speaking at a Q&A session for the Smithsonian's "Art of Video Games" exhibit (via ShackNews), Kojima said that he plans to still be working on games 25 years from now "if I'm not dead by that time," adding:

"I don't have any intention to retire, so until the day I die, I will be making games.... Maybe by that time, technology will be so advanced that I can just make a game by myself using a bunch of robots. Who knows?"

Kojima went on to say that he's okay with people equating him with the Metal Gear series but hopes to work on "something that pushes the boundaries, something that may not even sell, but something that's new." With the rest of his life ahead of him, I sure hope he gets that chance.