Blockchain Games MLB Champions And Crypto Space Commander Are Coming To Consoles

by Kimberley Wallace on Apr 02, 2019 at 02:59 PM

Lucid Sight, a company known for blockchain-based gaming, announced some big news today. The company is investing millions into improving functionality and bringing games to traditional gaming platforms, such as consoles, PC, and mobile. Currently, $11 million has been raised to make these goals a reality. 

The money raised will also go toward launching a developer toolset called Scarcity Engine later this year, which Lucid Sight hopes will bridge the gap between blockchain and traditional gaming platforms.  The engine currently powers MLB Champions and Crypto Space Commander, which are Lucid Sight's flagship franchises. 

“This capital will allow us to bring games such as MLB Champions and CSC to the masses while maintaining the benefits of digital scarcity provided by blockchain technology,” said Randy Saaf, CEO and Co-founder at Lucid Sight in a press release.  “We have found that game players enjoy digital ownership in our games, but users want to be able to game where they traditionally game: mobile, PC, and console.”

An officially licensed product of Major League Baseball and Major League Baseball Players Association, MLB Champions is a digital collecting game that allows players to and draft players from your favorite teams and earn rewards as real-life games occur. A new season is starting up to coincide with the 2019 MLB  season. Crypto Space Commander is a sandbox MMO space game that operates in a real-time, player-controlled economy. A PC version is planned for Early Access on Steam this year.