Star Trek Online Gets Second Season

by Matt Miller on Jul 13, 2010 at 12:02 PM

Cryptic is adding a wealth of new content to their Star Trek MMO, expanding the level cap, adding missions, and continuing the storyline in a new expansion called Ancient Enemies.

Cryptic revealed the details of the new expansion today, which will be available to all players of the game, and is set to go live sometime this month. The level cap is moving from 45 up to 51, which will mean several new ranks for both Federation and Klingon characters. Federation players can rank up through rear admiral and vice admiral, while Klingon players can become brigadier generals, major generals, and lieutenant generals. New ships are also joining the fleet on both sides, including a Federation cruiser with saucer separation capability, and a Klingon carrier that can unleash kamikaze fighters.

The ongoing storyline of the game will also continue to progress, allowing players to enter fluidic space and further confront the Undine (Species 8472). Klingons will have several new story-based episodes about confronting the Fek'ihri, the ancient race that once fought and was defeated by Kahless. Meanwhile, Federation gameplay continues to broaden through the addition of the Federation Diplomatic Corps. As a diplomat, you'll be able to meet and establish relations with brand new alien races in special First Contact missions.

Along with these major additions, the second season will add new mini-games, like the ability to play Dabo on space stations, and the anomaly scan mini-game, a new way to uncover resources in deep space.

Cryptic is promising that these changes are only a taste of what the new season has in store. You can learn all the details from the game's official website.