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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Extended Uncharted 4 Sequence Finds The Drake Brothers In Trouble
by Matthew Kato on Jun 17, 2015 at 04:34 PM

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Platform PlayStation 4
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer Naughty Dog
Rating Teen

Like it normally does when it's at a Sony press conference, the latest Uncharted title, Thief's End, took the audience on a thrill-laden rollercoaster ride. What they didn't experience, however, was a large chunk of action that occurred after the screen went black. Today we saw more of the game's impressive action sequence, the motive's behind Sam's quest, as well as the return of Nathan's wife, Elena.

The trailer below show at the press conference dramatically stops when Nate's about to crash into wooden scaffolding while he's grappled to a crane truck chasing the escape of his brother Sam. Needless to say Nathan survives the ride and is dragged on the ground on the opposite bank, where he starts firing on an enemy jeep racing alongside. The jeep explodes and crashes, flipping up in a ball of fire and debris. Like in many other parts of the video, the onscreen spectacle of particles, dirt, and any other objects affected by the physics of the explosion is very impressive. 

Nate climbs up the crane cable and finds firm footing on the back of the truck as enemies continue to fire at him.. He shoots his way clear and jumps up to the lead truck chasing Sam, who is busy holding his own on a motorcycle at the head of the pack. Nate leaps from the truck into the passenger seat of a nearby jeep. He struggles with the driver and commandeers the vehicle.

As Nate argues with Sam as to whom should jump onto whose vehicle, Nate is suddenly t-boned by a charging truck. The scene is a violent and jarring end to the chase. Nate gathers himself after the accident, upside down in the flipped-over jeep and trapped. A fire breaks out in the vehicle and the player has to QTE Nathan out of danger. As he starts to crawl out, some of Rafe's thugs from the chase approach, guns drawn, unsure if anyone survived the crash. Nate surprises them and guns them down before they can fire.

Sam then rides up and gives Nate a lift on his motorcycle. The reprieve is short lived, however, before the armored truck in the video starts the chase anew. What follows is a classic Uncharted sequence where Sam is driving the bike toward the camera while the pursuing truck is hot on their heels. Nate fires back at it, but it doesn't do much good.

Sam makes his way onto a loading dock full of cargo trailers and stevedors. The chase ends as Sam skillfully slides the bike under a cargo bed as the truck crashes and explodes magnificently.

Both Sam and Nathan chuckle, unfazed at what has been another in a long line of adventures between them.

The pair reunite with Sully at their hotel, and Sam is excited at what he's found in his escape – clues that reveal the location of the mythical colony of Libertaria, just northeast of King's Bay. This was a sort of pirate's commune, where they lived in a supposed utopian society. The best part for Sam, Nate, and Sully is that like many utopias, personal wealth and possessions were apparently shunned. Thus, they pooled all their pirate riches in a single building. Sam is giddy at the thought of so much gold and treasure stashed in one central place.

Nate is also swept up in the revelation until he enters his hotel room. Elena is there waiting for them, and she is clearly very hurt that Nate has lied to her about his whereabouts.

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