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Civilization VI

Control The Garde Imperiale And Build Châteaus In New Trailer For France Civ
by Haley MacLean on Jul 26, 2016 at 07:19 AM
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, Linux, iOS
Publisher 2K Games
Developer Firaxis Games
Rating Everyone 10+

The civ leader trailers just keep coming for Sid Meier's Civilization VI, and this time Catherine de' Medici of France gets her time in the spotlight, showing off new features for the France pack.

Catherine de' Medici was married to King Henry II of France, and served as Queen from 1547-1559. Her three sons went on to rule as King during her lifetime, which was during a period of relentless religious and civil war. Despite the conflict, it is said Catherine de' Medici played an integral role in maintaining the monarchy in France, and is heralded as one of the most powerful women in Europe during that period.

Following Montezuma I of the AztecsQin Shi Huang of ChinaHojo Tokimune of Japan, Cleopatra of EgyptQueen Victoria of England, and President Roosevelt for America, de' Medici's new trailer shows us what new features come along with her leadership of the French civ. France's special ability is grand tour, which gives a bonus when constructing mid-game wonders and extra tourism from all the wonders you construct. France's unique unit are the Garde Imperiale, who historically were elite soldiers collected by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1799 that fought alongside him until the Battle of Waterloo. In-game they get a bonus for fighting on the starting capital's home continent and get great general points from kills.

France's unique tile improvement is the Château. It must be built beside a river and it provides culture and special bonuses for being near wonders. As for perks surrounding de' Medici herself, since she was skilled at espionage during her reign, you can use her ladies-in-waiting to procure valuable diplomatic information about every civ she meets. Once you research castles she'll receive an extra spy as well.

Sid Meier's Civilization VI comes to PC on October 21. For more, check out what new gameplay changes are in store for the latest in the series.       

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