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Special Edition Podcast: Todd Howard Skyrim Q&A

by Matt Helgeson on Feb 03, 2011 at 02:00 AM

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Game Informer's web coverage of our The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim cover story has proven to be popular with Bethesda's legion of devoted RPG fans. Today, we're pleased to present a special edition of the Game Informer Show, in which Bethesda's Todd Howard answers questions we solicited from our community of online users. It's nearly an hour of freewheeling discussion, we put your queries to Howard, who gives some revealing responses -- while still leaving more than a bit of mystery surrounding the game. Some of the topics covered include the game's combat system, spells, factions, and the powerful dragons that reign terror over the world of Skyrim.

Note: We thank all our readers who submitted questions. We received an unprecedented number of responses, and as a result, it was simply impossible to have Todd answer more than a fraction of the submissions. In hopes of covering as many readers as possible, we tried to concentrate on questions that were asked many times over by multiple readers. Still, if your question was not answered, we apologize.

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