Xbox One Users Will Get To Gift Digital Purchases In Near Future

by Craig Taylor on Jul 07, 2017 at 12:55 PM

Generous Xbox One owners have a new upcoming feature to get excited about. In response to a question via Twitter, Xbox's Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra said that the ability to gift new digital purchases to friends is "not far" off.

Gifting digital content isn't supported on the PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch, although it's a feature that's been on Steam for years. On Valve's platform, users can gift new purchases to users anywhere in the world, assuming there isn't a significant price difference. The receiver can decline the gift if they don't want it, and the original purchaser is refunded. We're guessing Xbox One's system will work in a similar way, although reconciling gifting with Games With Gold giveaways and bundles containing multiple titles could get messy.

Shortly after, Ybarra answered another user asking if Xbox One owners will be able to delete games they haven't earned any achievements for from their achievement list. Ybarra said Xbox is "Looking into it, nothing to confirm yet." Deleting achievement-less games was a feature added to Xbox 360, although it has yet to make the transition to Xbox One.

[Source: Twitter (1), (2) via Gamespot]

Our Take
One of Xbox's unsung strengths is the consistent quality-of-life updates their systems regularly recieve. Neither of these features are system sellers, but it shows the Xbox user experience is consistently evaluated and tweaked.