Leaked Images Show Street Fighter V's Newest Character, Ed

by Suriel Vazquez on May 06, 2017 at 11:55 AM

After delaying a set of balance changes and third character for its Season 2 DLC plans, and announcing another beta to improve its online infrastructure, Capcom's been busy with Street Fighter V. Though we're still waiting for the new online features and balance update, at least we now know who the new character will be.

NeoGAF user Pungza has dug up images from the official Street Fighter V website (no longer available) showing off the new character, Ed. Considering the background of the images showing The Lair of the Four Kings stage, his attire, and Capcom's own teaser showing off a bit Psycho Power, it looks like Ed will be another Shadaloo agent (as well as another clone body created for M. Bison to use). This shouldn't be much of a surprise to fans of the game, since Ed was mostly seen palling around with Shadaloo member Balrog during Balrog's story mode.

The images don't offer much of a glimpse into his moveset, but his build seems different from how he was shown in the game (he's bulked up between Seasons 1 and 2). For a full look at his outfit, check out the image below.


Our Take
It's not much a surprise Ed's the next character, to be honest, he was prominent enough in the game's story mode that people had been speculating about his inclusion since the game's release, but it's nice to finally have some degree of confirmation. I'm eager to see how he plays, though.