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The Division Introduces New Game Mode In Latest Patch

by Kimberley Wallace on Feb 28, 2017 at 05:00 AM

Ubisoft took today to detail its big upcoming update for The Division. Patch 1.6 serves as one of the more significant updates we've seen to the game since launch, addressing a broad number of issues in regard to gameplay and balance. Right now, this is an in-progress-version of the patch that's planned to release on the public test server. PC players will be able to see these changes first hand starting tomorrow. 

If you own the Last Stand DLC, which is included with the season pass or can be purchased separately for $15, you get access to this new game mode once the patch hits. In it, you engage in eight versus eight PvP combat and secure data before the Rogues can, fighting for control over three tactical locations on one of four Dark Zone maps. A new incursion called Lost Signal will also be available, which takes place in a civilian TV broadcast center taken over by the Rikers gang. Players venture through three different wings, all with different combat scenarios and their own rewards. Completing them all gives you access to a final boss.

Separate for the Last Stand DLC, several tweaks and changes are being made to the game, including expanding the Dark Zone's map and adding leaderboards, new events, and a legendary difficulty. Combat changes include increased time to revive a downed teammate, bleed no longer blocks sprint (now it reduces your movement speed), and body shot damage has been slightly increased in PvP. Players can also now fast travel between Dark Zone checkpoints and will no longer lose experience and funds when killed in Dark Zone if they are not Rogue. Recalibrations are also now unlimited in crafting. 

The patch also makes some big fixes, increases rewards on Incursions, and tweaks some skills. For a full list of all the changes, you can check out the complete 1.6 patch notes here, which Ubisoft has said is subject to change.

No official launch date has been set for the patch to go live for everyone, but at least this confirms we're getting closer. 


Our Take
I recommend reading through the entire patch notes as it looks like Ubisoft has a lot in store for this update. It's very promising that they're expanding the Dark Zone map, hopefully giving us more areas of New York to explore. Time will tell how all the gameplay changes shake out, but at least PC players can be the guinea pigs starting tomorrow.