Overwatch's Next Animated Short Will Focus On Bastion's Backstory

by AJ Moser on Aug 10, 2016 at 07:35 AM

Overwatch boasts a cast of diverse characters, which fans have quickly fallen in love with. Blizzard's animated shorts focus on the story of these characters before the events of the game, and Bastion will be the focus of the next in the series.

The transforming robot was controversial at the game's launch for being easy to abuse in multiplayer matches, but subsequent patches have added more balance. The Last Bastion, Blizzard's upcoming animated short, will tell fans what happened when this character awoke in the wilderness after years of inactivity.

The Last Bastion premieres exclusively onstage at Gamescom, August 18 at 9am Pacific time. Fans at home will be able to tune in on Blizzard's livestream to watch as well.

Previous shorts have featured Winston, Hanzo, and Soldier 76. Overwatch launched earlier this summer, revisit our review of the game here.

[Source: Overwatch]