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Fallout 4 Xbox One Mods Arrive Next Week, Details Emerge From Live Stream

by Elise Favis on May 28, 2016 at 06:45 AM

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Bethesda announced on Twitter that mods will arrive on Xbox One as soon as Tuesday, May 31.

Yesterday, the studio broadcast a live stream previewing how they will work on the console. While you still need a PC to create them using the Creation Kit, you will now be able to add mods created on PC to your game on Xbox One. 

Mods are accessed via the main menu of Fallout 4. You log on with your username and password to view an interface similar to Netflix, where mods are sectioned into categories. The size limit for how much you can download is restricted to 2 GB. This limit extends to all downloaded mods, even if they are not currently enabled, though Bethesda mentioned that this limit may increase in the future.

In the live stream, Bethesda previewed a few mods, such as a cosmetic update to your Pip Boy that gives it a Nuka Coka aesthetic, and another that turns Dogmeat into a feline companion. Mods are in closed beta right now, but there are nearly 2,000 currently which you can browse via Bethesda's website

Loading a mod will create a new save, so it will not affect your previous saves should something go wrong. Once one is enabled, Fallout 4 will reboot in order to load the mod. Another reboot will occur when disabling one. Finally, achievements will be disabled during mod usage. 

For the time being, console mods are exclusive to Xbox One, but they will be added to PlayStation 4 as well at some point this June.

You can watch Bethesda's full live stream here

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