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Super Smash Bros.: Greninja, Charizard, And Three Others Revealed

by Mike Futter on Apr 08, 2014 at 01:12 PM

One of the biggest changes coming to the new Smash Bros. games on 3DS and Wii U announced at today's Nintendo Direct is that all of the fighters that transformed mid-fight have been changed. That means that Samus' Final Smash won't strip away her armor, Zelda won't transform into Sheik, and the Pokémon trainer is likely gone for good.

Nintendo isn't getting rid of those alternate forms entirely, though. The transformations are now their own characters, and two new Pokémon have their own spot on the roster.

Zero Suit Samus
Zero Suit Samus carries a power deficit as she did in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but with a new pair of jet boots, her kicks pack a bit more oomph without sacrificing speed.

Zelda's alter ego has two new moves. She can throw "burst grenades" at her foes to keep them off guard. She can also perform an acrobatic kick called the "bouncing fish."

We all thought he was going to be dropped from the roster, but the green dinosaur is back. He now looks more like his more recent character models, standing upright instead of hunched over.

Without a Pokémon Trainer, Charizard is entering the fight on his own. He's big, strong, and uses his tail and fire to keep enemies at a distance. 

With the success of Pokémon X and Y, it's no surprise that one of the three starters is joining the roster. Greninja's inclusion likely means that Squirtle is gone (along with the Pokémon Trainer). Greninja can use his water abilities, temporarily vanish, and use his quick and agile body to deliver punches and kicks to foes. 

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