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Nintendo’s Eshop Experiencing Problems Following Miiverse Update

by Mike Futter on Dec 10, 2013 at 08:20 AM

Since this morning’s Miiverse update on 3DS, the handheld version of the eShop has been experiencing problems. We’ve been trying to connect all day, but each time we’ve been met with the same error code: 011-3051. The same error has been reported by numerous individuals today across social media channels.

According to Nintendo’s error code lookup, this indicates that the eShop is not currently available. We’ve reached out to Nintendo to get an idea of what’s going on and when the eShop might be available again.

Update: Since posting this story, we've been able to get into the eShop. We've also heard from some other users that the trouble has improved. We're still waiting to hear back from Nintendo, and if there's an official "all clear" we'll let you know. For now, keep on trying and let us know in the comments how you fare.


Our Take
Following the Miiverse update and linking my 3DS to my Nintendo ID, I started getting a new message when entering the eShop. An alert warns that credit card information stored on the 3DS has been replaced by the payment info associated with the Nintendo ID. Best case scenario is that this is a hiccup. 

Worst case scenario is that the Miiverse update caused a more significant error due to the overwriting of payment information. Either way, I hope it gets fixed soon (because I've heard great things about A Link Between Worlds).