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PlayStation 4

Media Molecule Showcases User Creation Tools

by Kimberley Wallace on Feb 20, 2013 at 12:45 PM

Alex Evans of Media Molecule took the stage at today's Sony presser to showcase the company's vision for the PS4.

Evans started his presentation saying how the company wants to take creative gaming to the next level, letting you record your dreams and show them to others. He discussed what he called the, "tyranny of the polygon," and how Media Molecule wants to work with the PS4 to change this. After two years of research by testing out tools like motion capture, it was clear that the move controller was the best option for Media Molecule to explore. Footage showed off a sculpting tool where people could take a free-form creative journey to sculpt with ease anything they desired. The Move controller would track every move you make and it allows for easy 3D sculpting for beginners with deeper options for advanced creators. This could extend to crafting game levels. To end Media Molecule's presentation, it showed the ease of using the Move controller like you were a master puppeteer controlling characters to play guitar, keyboards, and drums in swift, simple motions.

Although, no games were announced, it did showcase the company is tapping into some creative tools to bring us to a new level with PS4's advanced technology. With what Media Molecule did with LittleBigPlanet, it'll be interesting to see what else the company unveils in the future.