Spaceteam Will Make You And Your Friends Sound Like Idiots

by Dan Ryckert on Dec 07, 2012 at 10:38 AM

About thirty minutes ago, Game Informer editor in chief Andy McNamara walked up to my desk. "Hey idiot, you'd probably like that Spaceteam game that I'm hearing about on Twitter. Seems like some dumb thing your idiot brain would get drunk and play," he said kindly. Fifteen minutes later, Reiner, Ben Hanson, Bryan Vore, and myself were screaming at each other while staring at our phones.

As it turns out, screaming at your friends is essentially the core gameplay mechanic of Spaceteam (iOS). Each of the four players has a different control console on their screen, and they're filled with dials, switches, and faders with nonsensical labels like Lustrous Prismneck, Flushbypass, and Sigmaclapper. In order to keep your rocket from falling apart, you'll need to yell instructions at your friends until you figure out which one has the appropriate control on their screen. It basically boils down to a lot of screaming of stuff like "Deactivate the voltgauge! Disengage the dualwrist!". If you or your buddies fails to follow instructions in time, your ship begins to fall apart. Our consoles were sparking and getting covered in some kind of space goo for a while before it was finally destroyed.

I'd recommend a download if you want to get some friends together and try it out. Kyle recorded a quick audio snippet of us playing, and you can hear it below to get a sense of how chaotic it gets.