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Watch Debate Tonight On 360, Win Avatar Customizations

by Matt Miller on Oct 03, 2012 at 10:50 AM

Microsoft is excited about its new political coverage, and ready to reward users who log in to watch tonight’s presidential face-off.

In case you’ve been busy playing Borderlands 2 and Resident Evil 6, you may have missed a little election we have going on. Tonight’s your chance to catch up, with the first of four presidential debates between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. 

As previously reported, Microsoft will reward users who watch at least three of the debates by offering a fancy gold Halo 4 skin for avatars. It’s like those “I Voted” stickers for a virtual world. If you do decide to tune into the streaming presentation of tonight’s debate, Microsoft will be hosting virtual polls throughout the evening to let watchers express their pleasure or displeasure about a given candidate’s words. Put another way, by tomorrow we should know whether Xbox Live leans Democrat or Republican. 

Will you be tuning in to the debate on Xbox Live tonight? Does Microsoft’s avatar offer hold any appeal? Let us know in the comments below, and please remember to keep it civil and respectful in regard to your political opinions and those of others.