Hitman: Sniper Challenge Announced

by Jim Reilly on May 10, 2012 at 03:00 AM

Square Enix is releasing a standalone Hitman game on PC, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network called Hitman: Sniper Challenge that's only available if you pre-order the upcoming game.

The game is free for GameStop customers who pre-order Hitman: Absolution and is available May 15. The PC version will be made available through Steam from August 1.  Hitman: Sniper Challenge offers replayable missions and online leaderboards.

"Hitman: Sniper Challege sets a new industry standard for pre-order incentives,” said Mona Hamilton, vice president of marketing at Square Enix, Inc. Hitman: Absolution is available on November 20.

Below is the reveal trailer.

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