The Lawsuit Between Epic Games And Silicon Knights Reveals Interesting Developer Projects

by Kyle Hilliard on Dec 28, 2011 at 09:59 AM

The lawsuit between these two companies has been going on forever, and it seemed as though it would continue forever until last week.

For some quick backstory, Silicon Knights licensed the Unreal Engine to develop its game Too Human, but found the engine to be inadequate and misrepresented by Epic Games. According to Silicon Knights, the Unreal Engine was not able to produce what Epic promised it could, and Too Human suffered irreparable damages because of it.

Silicon Knights called on the help of an analyst named Terry Lloyd who put together a report outlining the damages that Silicon Knights should be owed based on the failure of Too Human. The courts recently rejected that testimony from Lloyd, saying in many more words that Lloyd didn't know what he was talking about and his report was based on qualifications that he more or less made up. What this means for the lawsuit, is that Epic Games has the upper hand now.

The interesting thing about the case, is that it revealed some of the secret projects that Silicon Knights was working on that eventually fell apart. In the document covering the case it reads, "SK was negotiating development plans for two [other] projects, King's Quest and Sand[man]*, and had developed a prototype for King's Quest."

Apparently Silicon Knights was working on a new King's Quest and a game based possibly on the Sandman comic book series. It makes you kind of wish Too Human had been a better/more successful game.

*In the main document, it reads 'Sandmim' here, but in the appendage to the document offering more details on this particular sentence, it reads Sandman.

[via The Escapist]