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Dota 2 Game Leak Hints At Half Life Episode Three

by Ben Reeves on Sep 19, 2011 at 03:56 PM

A Vietnamese beta tester has leaked the entire game client for Dota 2, and the Internet is on fire as the code is picked clean like a desert carcass. Among the massive data mine are details about a Dota store, and weapon information for something called ep3. Could that be Half Life Episode Three?

Team Liquid has parsed out some information from the Dota 2 game code. Contained within the Dota 2 client are weapon files for something called ep3. Check out the screen below.

Is Valve planning a flamethrower and an icegun for Half Life Episode 3? What exactly is this weaponizer? Right now we have more questions than answers, and ep3 could really be anything. Still, it’s fun to dream about Half Life Episode 3, especially since Valve doesn’t seem to ever want to talk about the game.

[Source: Lamda Generation]

[Thanks to the news tip from 3nd]