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Streaking Through The Sky In Wipeout 2048

by Ben Reeves on Jun 07, 2011 at 03:45 PM

At this year’s E3 we raced through the skies with Sony’s new Wipeout 2048 for PlayStation Vita, and tested out its cross play feature, which let us play against users on PlayStation 3.

Sony's Studio Liverpool is developing Wipeout 2048 for PlayStation Vita. During our demo we took high-powered futuristic cars through tracks that weaved through towering skylines. The Vita has allowed Studio Liverpool to craft larger, more forgiving levels than in previous entries. Players can pick up both defensive and offensive weapons, use the Vita’s six-axis controls to control their car, or use the Vita’s rear touch pads to accelerate. We even played a few rounds of Wipeout HD against a couple PS3 users. Wipeout 2048 should release around the time of the PlayStation Vita.