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Sony press conference

Sony Pushes 3D With Short But Sweet Resistance 3 Demo

by Jeff Marchiafava on Jun 06, 2011 at 03:10 PM

A new demo of Resistance 3 at Sony's press conference gave players a 3D look at how Insomniac's sci-fi shooter is shaping up.

The demo picks up after Joseph Capelli leaves his family for one final strike against the Chimera in New York City. In St. Louis, he meets up with a rebel group called the Remnants. His mission: assault a Chimera transport for its power core. It doesn't take long for the group's plans to go awry.

As the Sony rep takes over the controls, a Chimera airship is shot out of the sky, reigning down shrapnel and debris onto the a heap of rubble that used to be a building. The particle effects are impressive, as is the attention to detail seen in the level -- something the series isn't exactly known for. The quick glimpse of gameplay reveals a new grenade type that looks similar to a singularity attack in Mass Effect: As the floating dark ball of energy crackles, nearby enemies are helplessly drawn into its orbit, flying through the air.

The gameplay transitions to later in the mission, after the player has the power core in his possession. As he runs from one dilapidated building to the next, a gigantic Widowmaker (the spider-like creature seen on our Resistance 3 cover) smashes along in the background, stepping on his allies as the player makes his way through a maze of buildings. Just as the Widowmaker smashes through the wall to the player's left, the demo ends.

Sony also revealed that there will be a special Resistance 3 bundle on September 6, featuring Sony's Sharpshooter peripheral, a Move controller, and Move camera for $150. Will the game be worth the extra money? We'll have a better idea when we try the game out later this week.