Report: Full PSN Service At the End of May

by Matthew Kato on May 09, 2011 at 04:07 AM

A Sony executive in Japan says that the company expects to have full PSN/Qriocity service back up at the end of May.

Talking to Bloomberg, Tokyo-based Sony spokesperson Shigenori Yoshida said that the company expects to have its new security in place and have everything back to full service by the end of the month. This would be six weeks after it was initially taken down to deal with the attack by hackers.

Sony of America hasn't confirmed this specific timeline yet, although group CEO Kaz Hirai has said that parts of the service would be coming online shortly – if not already. Unfortunately this hasn't happened yet.

This report isn't a total shift in the company's plan, but it is worth noting that its current timing to go all the way to May 31 stretches "within a month" to its full definition.

Hopefully it's all worth the wait.


[via GameSpot]