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Blog Herding: The Reckoning

by Matt Helgeson on Nov 20, 2009 at 12:20 PM

It’s been a couple of weeks, so it’s high time that we did another Blog Herding. Here are some of the highlights of both editor and community blogs from recent days. Let no blog go unherded. That’s the pledge every blog herder takes when he or she joins the Loyal Order of Blog Herders. It’s a pretty big deal; basically we are like the Freemasons of blogging. So, read on! Hidden in one of these blogs is the Da Vinci Code, or at least the pin number to Ben’s ATM card.

Editor Blogs:

Bogus Moves In Video Games: Free Wall Running

Andy Reiner hates on one of gaming’s newest – but most prevalent – clichés.

Vote for the Greatest Games of All Time!

Curtis Fung, Game Informer’s production director and resident computer genius, strikes a brave blow for democracy with this interactive application that lets you vote for your favorite games of all time. Consider this an alternative to writing us a nasty letter telling us how much you hate the list in our issue 200!

My Ten Favorite (Not “Best”) Games Of All Time

Inspired by our Top 200 Games of All Time List, GI editor Dan Ryckert compiles his own most cherished games, with entries on why each on each game makes the cut.

Things I Want: Entry #4

Another in Meagan VanBurkleo’s ongoing ode to consumerism, Things I Want: Entry #4 shows off a plethora of amazing nerd treasures.

CosBlog #7 & #8

Two great entries in Meagan’s ongoing cosplay blog. Witness Orochi X’s mind-blowing Siegfried Schtuaffen in CosBlog #7, then proceed to CosBlog #8, where Melissa earns a spot on with her take on fan-favorite Final Fantasy character Tifa Lockhart.

Top 10 Things Nick Said While Playing Tony Hawk Ride

Joe Juba, Game Informer’s premiere chronicler of the absurd, treats us to a behind-the-scenes view into the rage GI’s Nick Ahrens experienced while playing Tony Hawk Ride.

Too Soon To Be Forgotten: The Misfits Of Late 2009

Jeff Cork looks beyond the glut of holiday season blockbusters to find some diamonds in the rough. Read on to hear about three of the best games nobody’s playing right now.

Why I Love PC Gaming: Dragon Age

Controversial Game Informer editor Adam Biessener (he’s the Kanye West of PC gaming) comes out hard with a blog entry that details why the best way to play BioWare’s epic RPG Dragon Age is with the good ol’ mouse and keyboard.

Holy Crap! Moments in Gaming

Game Informer graphic designer Jeff Akervik shows his gaming credentials with a in-depth blog about some of his favorite moments in video game history. Note: It’s full of spoilers that the statute of limitations has long since run out on.

The[Crafty]Gamer: Luke Robinson

Annette’s ongoing @rtz n’ cr@ftz (that’s l33t speak for “arts and crafts”) blog shows off GI community member Luke Robinson’s amazing video-game inspired bottle cap art. Dude must drink A LOT of Bud Light. Great stuff.

User Blogs:

Modern Warfare: The Nuclear Bomb

In light of the controversy and hype surrounding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, GI user Matt looks back at the original Modern Warfare, contemplating the visceral power of its nuclear bomb sequence, one of the most memorable in-game events in the history of the art form.

Game of the Year 2009 Nominees – What Should and Shouldn’t Be There

Dylan Snyder takes exception to the recently announced Game of the Year nominees of the Spike TV Video Game Awards. In this blog, he details what titles he feels shouldn’t make the cut, and gives his alternate picks.

The Hilarity of the Clueless

Mr.SmashterMeister pokes fun at his own dear mother, much to the amusement of the GI community. Read some of her hilarious (and often correct) observations about the demo for the Wii Ware game Pokémon Rumble. Seems like a pretty cool lady.

Hiding Under Battle.Net’s Skirt

Community member SnakeLinkSonic contributes a well-written blog about Blizzard’s online service, which he prefers to Xbox Live. A good read for fans of online games.

Dragon Age: Origins - Dark Ritual Not Disappointing In Context To Potential Sequel Plotline, An Opinion & Reality Check

Power member Shawn Gordon gets deep – and I mean DEEP – into lore of Dragon Age: Origins with this epic meditation on the game’s controversial “Dark Ritual” ending.