Replay – The Warriors

by Andrew Reiner on Apr 08, 2016 at 11:30 AM

Based on the 1979 film of the same name (which is in turn based on the 1965 novel), The Warriors is a PlayStation 2 brawler developed by Rockstar Toronto. The game serves as somewhat of a prequel to the film, showing us what happened three months prior to The Warriors gang being framed for murder. The story periodically parallels the motion picture's, with additional action sequences and plot giving us a fuller picture. Many of the film's actors reprise their roles in game as voice actors.

In this episode of Replay we check out the opening moments of The Warriors, which are chock full of violence, controversy, and plenty of stupid jokes from the Replay crew. This look shows off most of the fighting mechanics and just how ridiculous the looting can be. We make great progress in the game before switching gears to the final round of this year's Super Replay Showdown, which pits the overly tall Javy Gwaltney against me. Will this be a fair competition that truly shows us who the best gamer in the office is? You'll have to tune in to the battle to find out!


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