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Yoshi’s Woolly World's Burning Questions

by Marcus Stewart on Nov 20, 2015 at 09:00 AM

Yoshi’s Woolly World is a pleasant experience, but more than a little weird when you really think about it. Among other oddities, it stars a yarn Yoshi gobbling up yarn enemies, then pooping them out as yarn balls to toss at more yarn enemies. After conducting our Afterwords interview with coordinator Emi Watanabe and producer Takashi Tezuka, we took the opportunity to ask a few more hard-hitting questions pertaining to Yoshi and his yarn-spun universe. 

[Editor's Note: This interview was conducted by Brian Shea and myself.]

What do the fire melon and the ice melon taste like?

Tezuka: I personally like watermelon. I haven't really ever pictured a hot or spicy watermelon before [except that] fire watermelon, but I imagine it tastes really good.

Does Yoshi like hanging out with Poochy, and is Poochy Yoshi's pet?

Tezuka: Poochy's not Yoshi's pet. They're friends.

When Yoshi does these transformations, how does it feel for him to be changing into these different forms?

Tezuka: Yoshi normally walks on two legs, so for him to be able to fly and swim and do all these sorts of actions, I think he's having a blast.

How different does a Shy Guy that is made of yarn taste from a regular Shy Guy? Does Yoshi like the taste of yarn?

Watanabe: So, the yarn Shy Guys are a little bit different from the watermelon in that Yoshi's not eating them. He takes them in his mouth and then creates a yarn ball out of them, so I don't think he's really thinking about the flavor in that moment.

Was Yoshi happy to not have to babysit during this game? Does he have more fun on adventures where he's by himself?

Tezuka: Well, we think Yoshi's Woolly World is really fun so we're sure he had fun in that adventure, but he also loves hanging out with Baby Mario, so he would have fun in that situation too.

Watanabe: Yoshi finds the fun in anything. He's kind of a happy-go-lucky guy. It's not that ‘Baby Mario’s not here, so he's having fun’. He just finds fun in any situation. 

Is Yoshi's yarn universe a parallel world to the Mushroom Kingdom, or did something happen to the Mushroom Kingdom to make it look like that?

Tezuka: Yoshi's universe, both in the Yoshi series as well as the yarn Yoshi world in Yoshi's Woolly World, is separate from the Mushroom Kingdom. There’s not really a link between.